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This page is where information relating to COVID-19 and our industry is posted.

TSA is aware this is a hard time for everyone.  There has been discussion as to if the Sign Industry is an essential or non-essential business and we are working hard trying to get a definite answer for you. In the meantime please use your best judgment when making these decisions for your client, staff and the public they may come in contact with. 

TSA’s Attorney’s Opinion on the Sign Industry and “Essential Business” classification (Member can locate this under “My TSA” or contact the office for a copy

Employees Response to Essential Business

Free Coronavirus EMC Content; Daktronics has a resource page with free content for anyone with an LED message center that helps communicate business changes awareness around COVID-19. A good resource that you can share with your customers.

Please see the attached Order for Dallas County that was issued this weekend.  I hate to say it but I would expect other major metroplexes to follow suite shortly. 

This appears to be a decision that each business will have to make on its own in each county.  I will update you when I receive new information.  The consensus is that we are an essential business, but these opinions are from the industry.  TSA recommends you contact the counties you work in to get a firm decision, these are untested waters and we don’t have historical data to use, and it has never been tested in the courts.

Waco issued a shelter in place order this morning,  when I find the order it will be posted on the website along with this one.

TDLR Issue notice pertaining license requirements

3/24/2020 Additional municipalities have issues shelter in place orders;

Austin – Travis County – Collin County – Bexar County City of Ft. WorthGalveston CTY – Brazos CountyHarris CountyEl PasoWilliamsonMontgomery CTY

City of San Antonio Essential Business


Essential Employee Notification (notice that your employees should carry on their person) Sample of TSA member Notification

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act

Getting Cash For Your Small Business Through The CARES Act

AssistHer Emergency Relief Grant – The purpose of this grant is to help sustain your business while you are under economic hardship due to COVID-19. The funds can be used for technology upgrades or other items needed to change or adapt your business model. Operating expenses (excluding payment of sales tax, payroll, purchase of food for consumption, penalties and fees, and charitable donations).

Excellent information from ISA

The primary Business Continuity Resource page is here:

Within the Business Continuity page, there is an “essential business” section here:

Under “what are essential businesses” there is a sample letter: