Hall of Fame Award

List of Hall of Fame Recipients as of 2022

Hall of Fame Award Nomination Download

To recognize TSA members for distinguished service to Texas Sign Association during the current year and in the past beginning in 1975.


  1. The Board of Directors or a member shall nominate Hall of Fame Award candidates.
  2. The Board of Directors shall approve Hall of Fame Award status.
  3. Hall of Fame Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual Convention.


  1. Hall of Fame Award candidate shall be or have been an active member of TSA.
  2. The contribution shall represent a significant benefit to the association and/or its members and to the industry.
  3. The contribution shall represent a significant achievement in furthering the goals and objectives of TSA.


  1. Recipients receive an appropriate award.
  2. Announcement to TSA members.
  3. Announcement in sign industry media.
  4. News release to the recipient’s local media.
  5. Recipients shall be listed in applicable TSA documents.
    Please complete the form and submit it to the office at leona@txsigns.org. Nominations may be received all year, to be considered for the current year submission will need to be received by April 1 of each year.